And risky behaviours among gay men

In , a total of 28, persons were approached for participation at venues in 21 cities. Unprotected vaginal sex was defined as having vaginal sex without a condom. In addition, some participants reported recreational use of erectile dysfunction drugs, poppers, and methamphetamine, which have been associated with greater risk for unsafe sex and HIV infection among MSM The facility administering the most recent HIV test and the reasons for not having been tested during the past 12 months are also presented.

I don't have a sense of whether that's healthy, or whether it's verging on addiction.

Dec 02, A classic position for straight couples, missionary is pretty common for gay partners as wel

and risky behaviours among gay men

We did not use the results of the cohort HIV testing because they reflected only the HIV status of the participants at enrolment and not of their perceived HIV status in the preceding 6 months. All men using one of five gyms in central London in September or October were asked to complete an anonymous confidential questionnaire.

It is not surprising therefore that young men in a relationship reported the greatest levels of risk of all, whereas older men not in a relationship reported the lowest data available from authors on request. Of the men reporting UAI only with their main partner, 62

And risky behaviours among gay men
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