Anti gay laws in relation to foreigners

Legal since presidential signature pending []. He noted that Russia's laws did not ban LGBT relationships as a whole, and did not go as far as those in other countries, such as India —which had recently reinstated a ban on same-sex sexual activity, and Nigeria , which criminalized same-sex marriage with sentences of up to 14 years' imprisonment, and membership in pro-gay groups with up to 10 years' imprisonment.

Mixed jurisdiction: marriage recognized by the state but not by tribal government for residents who are members of the tribe. Transgender people can change their gender and name without completion of medical intervention and human rights protections explicitly include gender identity or expression within all of Canada since [] [] [] [].

Hardwick upholding the constitutionality of Georgia's sodomy law. Lou Sheldon, who will found the Traditional Values Coalition in Retrieved 9 May

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El Salvador. Gita Gopinath. Soon after fans started using freesuhail hashtag on Twitter. Fines, public whipping , beatings, torture, vigilante attacks, chemical castrations, prison time up to life, [1] and in the case of same-sex activity between two individuals, capital punishment. PiS won by offering provincial voters social benefits that transformed their lives.

Anti gay laws in relation to foreigners
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