Ethiopia religious anger over US gay tour plan - BBC

The Toto Tours website says it is planning a trip to Ethiopia in October this year. Around the BBC. Those disgraceful gay visitors should take care on landing historically orthodox country which prohibited by decent people. Election Home Constituencies Poll tracker Cymru.

Consensual homosexual acts can be punished by up to 15 years in jail under Article of the Ethiopian Criminal Code. Most gay Ethiopians did not reveal their sexuality, he said, for fear of physical harm and ostracism. Whatever it is the visit program should be blocked, if the company was here its business also be banned.

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Their itinerary has sparked ire in Ethiopia, which like many in Africa is deeply homophobic and has strict anti-gay laws, punishing homosexual acts with up to 15 years in prison. What do we lose by being welcome them to the church?

We hate the sin not the sinner. Also in both of these cases it will take a lot of time and honest Christian love which, as we agreed, they have the right to. Can you please help me to see what context I'm missing? This absolutely will never happen if they don't see that our faith is based on love.

Ethiopia religious anger over US gay tour plan - BBC
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