Gay Christian Unity

You should join me! One understanding of the ecumenical movement is that it came from the Roman Catholic Church's attempts to reconcile with Christians who had become separated over theological issues. Archived from the original on April 15, It continues to be observed by Anglican churches.

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Still other passages, taken literally, decree severe punishments and sometimes death for wearing two different types of fabric, working on Sunday or committing adultery. Despite this language, members of the Church are not of one mind on this issue.

The Church of Scotland. It is this truth that Jesus demonstrated throughout his ministry, and that he calls us to find in ourselves so that 'what I have done, you will do, and greater things than these" John Formed in the early s in response to the practice of Christian denominations acting in exclusion of each other rather than collaboration, the Christian Church Disciples of Christ have a history of reaching out to other traditions.

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Gay Christian Unity
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