Is it gay to experiment with another guy

He was a little older than me but not by much 21? Um, that's sort of fallacial conclusion to draw, isn't it? I have a theory that as gay people get more accepted in US society the notion of "gay" vs "straight" as a specific identity is becoming a bigger deal to adolescents. Sign in. The trick with guys who are going through puberty is that erections just happen, apropos to nothing.

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  • He did, but I couldn't give one to him because it was too weird for me at the time. The fact that society is starting to have more open discussions about sex is good.
  • He was clearly invested in me to the point of not understanding why I wasn't reciprocating.
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  • He was genuinely questioning his sexuality. The first time I entered him he cried out how much he loved it.
  • Like the original questioner, I've asked old friends whether there was more gay experimenting going on, because I was curious that the reality I experienced was nothing like their reputation.
  • I tend to agree with those suggesting that the modern awareness of sexual identity issues has probably changed how this happens.
  • Probably as a result of my own experiences, I have long assumed that it was common for boys to experiment sexually with each other. All I can tell you is that I was impressed.

And those repercussions can be noxious: LGBT people are discriminated against, mocked, beaten and murdered, all for doing things you get to do without question. Ward argues that it is largely down to both our culture and to the media. Or perhaps a rather more formal approach and sex-ed in schools to become more inclusive?

Is it gay to experiment with another guy
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