Jilly Cooper: married men are having gay affairs because theyre terrified of women

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Jilly Cooper: married men are having gay affairs because theyre terrified of women

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  • Married men are cheating on their wives by sleeping with other men because they are "terrified of women", erotic novelist Jilly Cooper has. Jilly Cooper has come under fire after making controversial comments are having homosexual affairs because they are “so terrified” of women.
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  • Jun 01,  · An author has claimed that modern men are turning to gay sex on Grindr because they have a fear of women. The claim comes from Jilly Cooper, . Jun 03,  · During a talk at the Hay Festival in Wales, British erotic novelist, Jilly Cooper has claimed straight men are cheating on their wives with other men because they’re “terrified of women” due to the current #MeToo political climate. Cooper said she had “an adorable gay friend” who had lost his partner. “He’s just started going [ ].
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  • Author tells Hay festival of phenomenon of 'married men wanting to have gay affairs' are perhaps so scared of women they seek relationships with men. Mount!, Cooper joined the Sunday Times Magazine as a columnist. Author Jilly Cooper is being criticized for her views on modern men, claiming As a married man, I've never considered having a gay affair.
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  • Jilly Cooper says men these days are 'always crying' (Getty Images) online dating had found: "It is all married men wanting to have gay affairs. will feature a glamorous English manager - because the country needs one. Modern men are turning to gay affairs because they are "terrified" of women, suggests British author Jilly Cooper. "It's all married men wanting to have gay affairs. Do you think men are so terrified of women, it's safer to get [it].
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