Of vulnerability to syphilis among gay men and other MSM

Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC website. Therefore, the rate of infection of syphilis is a much higher burden for gay men and MSM than chlamydia is for heterosexual women. For example, diagnosing syphilis among these men, and subsequently treating and curing their infection means that they return to a susceptible state where re-infection can now occur.

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  • The burden of HIV and STDs is particularly intense among black MSM despite data suggesting that these men are not engaging in riskier sexual practices than their white or Hispanic peers [ 15 ]. Qin, Q.
  • The increasingly frequent detection of fluoroquinolone resistance among Neisseria gonorrheae detected in MSM necessitates treatment with expanded-spectrum cephalosporins instead of other agents [ 36 ]. Among participants who screened positive for syphilis, the proportions of participants who tested positive for HIV and hepatitis B infection were 1.
  • Our study found that HIV-positive individuals are more likely to engage in anal sex, but less likely to use condoms consistently, as compared to HIV-negative participants.
  • Finally, the criteria used for the definition of active syphilis a VDRL titer of 8 or greater and a treponemal-positive test may include cases of untreated latent syphilis or cases of individuals successfully treated in whom the VDRL could remain positive for a long period of time.
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In total, 38, conscripts aged 17 to 22 years were enrolled in the study; 2. Salvador, like Brazil, still shows little tolerance for the LGBT population lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals and is one of the Brazilian cities with the most violent crimes and homicides against this population 44 , View all jobs.

Rottingen, J. This study provides a comprehensive approach to the syphilis problem among the young male population in Brazil, and it was conducted as part of a series of surveys with Brazilian army male conscripts to assess the syphilis prevalence and associated risk factors.

Of vulnerability to syphilis among gay men and other MSM
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