The gay Harry

This makes her something of a flashpoint when things the gay Harry wrong. Rowling revealing Dumbledore and Grindelwald's "sexual" relationship. Rowling can't forget. Comment required. While that announcement was controversial at the time Bill O'Reilly accused Rowling of participating in some sort of gay agenda; I had a very stupid blow-out fight with my boyfriend in which I called Rowling "lazy as hell" for not depicting Dumbledore as anything beyond sexless the gay Harry man in the actual booksRowling has forced us all to revisit it again nearly 12 years later.

I am so tired. The little boy J.

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Grindelwald eventually revealed himself to be a Dark wizard willing to use any means to achieve his the gay Harry, and Dumbledore's love for him only magnified his horror at this revelation. Stay up to date Fans aren't thrilled about J.

March 19, am Updated March 19, pm. Potter superfans know that Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in battle decades before the Harry Potter series began. This story has been shared , times.

The gay Harry

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