The Secret Life of Gay Ugandan Refugees in Nairobi

She just shot straight to the point—she just asked me if I'm gay. She hasn't spoken with him since. One day, a woman was flipping through the phone of Kato's boyfriend when she discovered nude photos of the couple. Uganda and Kenya are both part of the East African Community, where people can easily cross between borders and stay temporarily without a visa.

The first of these children, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, was recently promoted to the rank of Major-General in the Ugandan military.

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  • An independent and impartial Ombudsman should investigate security incidents in which the Ugandan camp commandants, police, or military are implicated.
  • For example, Caleb M.
  • Born to a Pentecostal pastor father and a studious, Anglican mother, Mugisa attended Christian schools and Bible colleges his entire life. Today, more than , South Sudanese refugees live there, making it one of the largest refugee settlements in the world, according to United Nations officials.
The Secret Life of Gay Ugandan Refugees in Nairobi

As soon as the LGBT refugees got out, some headed for the hospital to check on the friend who had fainted. Those seeking asylum on the basis of gender or sexual identity are not recognized as an independent category needing broader protections. If UNHCR is unable to process these files because of staffing limitations, the governments that had conditionally approved these cases for resettlement should designate embassy staff or deploy appropriately trained staff to re-vet these files immediately.

Sarah Hill. He wanted money from me, and he checked my pockets and choked me with his hands around my neck.

The Secret Life of Gay Ugandan Refugees in Nairobi
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