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Gay men are beyond picky, and we feel like we can be because with social media the pool of possibilities feels endless. There must be a veritable babel of questions bubbling around your brain. Follow her on Twitter mariellaf1.

And it also hints that our behaviour is all about pleasing, or deceiving you. We are lucky to live in enlightened times, in a part of the world where the climate for self expression has never been more welcoming.

This tryst that dare not speak its name feels positively 19th century and your mysterious, good-looking, serially single and emotionally buttoned-up colleague positively Darcyesque. We were good mates then, but nothing more.

We say we want one thing, but really want another. Continue Reading. At some point in the evening, he may end up in your bedroom.

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Add to the fact that when we go to gay bars, almost everyone in that room is a possible partner in some way, and our chances are doubled. However, gay men are quick to use the seasons as an excuse to why we are "allowed" to behave in certain ways.

This in some subconscious way made us less serious when it came to dating. Dreamboat is ready. The language we use when talking about dating needs to be positive and upbeat, and we have to stop confusing proper courting with endless casual sex.

To find lots amazing things about this handsome gay fellow

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