Yiff# Gay I don t own any of the Art

With each thrust I could swear that more cum was being forced out until it was pathetically dribbling out of my cock that was struggling to stay hard. That was just enough time for me to grasp the situation. I could hardly do more than suck on his balls, so with a free forepaw I reached up and stroked up and down his cock to keep him hard.

Reaching out, I tried to touch him there again. But soon things changed and his wild side took a hold. Hungry for it, I swallowed his cock whole from the tip and tried to force it down my throat. Whatever hope I had of not ending up a meal or rather an appetizer judging from my petite frame died when I hit the ground.

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  • My eyes clenched up, my body tensed and my forepaws gripped tightly as I squeezed his thick dick in, soon finding myself kissing up against his knot what that monstrosity in my throat. The thing was made of bulging muscle upon bulging muscle with a thick coat of grimy, black fur on top.
  • Just next to my feline tracks were larger, more monstrous ones that dug deep into the mud; whatever it was it weighed a great amount.
Yiff# Gay I don t own any of the Art

Wikipedia is not censored for minors. To see art that I've drawn, which consists mostly of art of vorish situations, click here. See, for example, Newbie. The present pic satifies the very, super-extremely hard to meet criteria of being not too yiffy and just yiffy enough that even those who understand the fandom would agree that it is yiffy.

Yiff# Gay I don t own any of the Art
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